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Landing of point in the practical transfer of  innovations

Are you looking for new technological solutions? Do you want to convert new ideas into marketable products and thereby shorten the time-to-market? Do you want to find out what digitalization could also do in your company?

Talk to us - we will find answers together and define the next steps in your implementation.

How can your company finance necessary innovation activities? Let's talk about it and benefit from our knowledge of financing and funding opportunities!

Services for your company

We, the "Forschungsverbund" and our experienced innovation consultants, support you with the following services:

Innovation advice on the marketability and feasibility of a product idea


Do you have a product idea and want to know whether it is marketable? We support you in the development of a product and process concept, for example with feasibility studies, idea evaluations and profitability calculations. We also offer you support in researching special technical components, technologies and markets. In order to evaluate potentials and risks in the implementation of your innovation project, we support you in the analysis of existing patent and property rights. We also put you in touch with technical experts or research institutions.

Innovation advice to promote and finance the product idea


Do you need help in acquiring financing and funding opportunities for the innovation you are planning? Do you need support with the time and financial planning of the overall project?

Managing your finances early on will help you implement your ideas as the project progresses. We support you in this! With our many years of expertise, we are at your disposal for the preparation and application of various funding (e.g. ZIM, BMBF and R&E-Verbund) as well as for project and financial management.

Innovation management


Are you looking for a technology provider for a new production process or do you want to implement a new innovation project but have little time? We act as a link between business and science. In this way we create a platform to initiate the innovation process.

Through partners from our diverse network, we can provide you with technical experts or research capacities, as well as establish contacts with research and scientific institutions.

Problem solving


Do you have ideas for innovative products and production processes, but no capacity to implement them? Then talk to us! As part of our new event series SPiNOFF innovation cycle, prospective start-ups can deal with the problems they have specified from corporate practice and come together to form teams in order to develop and implement solution concepts.
In describing the problems to be solved, these questions can help: What is the problem? Where does the problem occur? When does the problem occur? Why did the problem occur? Who is affected or who has to be involved in finding a solution? How is the problem manifested?

The KOLEMI project, funded by the MV Ministry of Economics, aims to connect food manufacturers from MV and research institutions in order to jointly develop innovative foods that offer the consumer additional health benefits.

Your contact persons


Martin Priesel
Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing., MBA
Managing Director & Project Manager

phone: +49 381 260 5789 2

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Martin Priesel is a graduate industrial engineer and works since 2006 in the transfer- and realization business. Since then he coached more than 1.500 researchers as part of several projects. It could be solicited 32 EXIST-promoted projects (60%) and were founded more than 51 innovative and technology-oriented companies. Further Martin Priesel is founding-experienced by his own with the founding of several clubs. As board member of the founder network "Gründerflair e.V." he represents the interests of the universities and research institutes nationwide and across the country.

Frank Büttner
Dipl.-Kfm., MBA
Project Manager

phone: +49 381 260 5789 3

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Frank Büttner deals since his studies with the factors of being successfully with productinnovations. As a founder and shareholder of a foodcompany, as well as a technology-consultant since 2002 at Forschungsverbund M-V, he cooperates very close with researchers and companies in the areas technology transfer, innovation management and product developement.

Funding opportunities

Central Innovation Program


The Central Innovation Program for SMEs (german: ZIM) is a nationwide, technology and industry-open funding program for medium-sized companies and for research institutions that work with them.

How big is the promotion?

  • For companies, the maximum funding is € 380,000
  • For research institutions, the maximum funding is € 190,000

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Companies: up to 499 employees, an annual turnover of less than € 50 million or an annual balance sheet total of a maximum of € 43 million
  • Research institutions: are 100% funded

What types of funding exist?

  • Individual projects are research and development activities that a company carries out alone and without further mergers with other companies or institutions. The funding applies to small and medium-sized companies.
  • Cooperation projects take place in a merger between a commercial company and a non-commercial research institution.

Funding requirements?

  • New products, processes or technical services are being developed which, with their functions, parameters or features, clearly surpass previous products, processes or technical services.
  • Research and development is based on the international state of the art and increases the level of technological performance and innovation competence of the company.
  • The project is fraught with a considerable but calculable technical risk.
  • The competitiveness of the company is increased in the long term. New market opportunities open up and jobs are created or secured.
  • Without funding, the project cannot be implemented or only with a significant delay.

How is it funded?

  • Personnel costs
  • costs for project-related orders to third parties (max. 25% of the personnel costs)
  • Other costs (flat-rate surcharge based on personnel costs) for companies up to a maximum of 100% at research institutions up to max. 75%
  • For companies, the eligible costs per project (in the case of collaborations per sub-project) are limited to 380,000 euros.
  • For research institutions, the eligible costs per sub-project are limited to 190,000 euros.

Maximum funding rates

  Single project Cooperation project
Small businesses in the new federal states 45 % 50 %
Small businesses in the old federal states 40 % 45 %
Medium-sized companies 35 % 40 %
Other medium-sized companies 25 % 30 %

Definition of companies

  Small companies Medium-sized companies Other medium-sized companies
Employees less than 50 less than 250 less than 500
annual sales max. € 10 million max. € 50 million less than € 50 million
Annual balance sheet total up to € 10 million max. € 43 million max. € 43 million

Federal Office of Economics and Export Control


The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control promotes entrepreneurial know-how.

How big is the promotion?

  • The amount of the subsidy is based on the maximum eligible consulting costs (assessment basis) and the location of the company.

Who is eligible to apply?

The "promotion of entrepreneurial know-how is aimed at

  • Young companies that have not been in the market for more than two years (young companies)
  • Companies from the third year after founding (existing entrepreneurs)
  • Companies that are in economic difficulties - regardless of company age (companies in difficulties)


The companies must be based in the Federal Republic of Germany and comply with the EU definition of medium-sized companies for small and medium-sized companies.
In addition, companies in difficulty must meet the requirements in terms of number 20 letter a or number 20 letter b of the guidelines for state aid for rescuing and restructuring non-financial companies in difficulty (2014/249/01) as amended.

The date of incorporation is the date of business registration or excerpt from the commercial register for commercial workers, and registration with the tax office for freelancers.


Irrespective of the need for advice, the following are not eligible to apply:

  • Companies as well as members of the liberal professions who work or want to work in corporate, business consulting, auditing or tax consulting or as a lawyer, notary, insolvency administrator or in a similar manner in an advisory or training capacity.
  • Companies whose assets have been opened for insolvency or which meet the requirements for opening such proceedings.
  • Companies that have a participation relationship with religious communities, legal entities under public law or their own businesses.
  • Non-profit companies and non-profit associations as well as foundations.


It should also be noted that advice from companies, e. B. Companies involved in primary agricultural production, fisheries and aquaculture or content that is excluded under Article 1 (1) of Regulation (EU) No. 1407/2013 cannot be funded.

What types of funding exist?

Advice for start-ups and existing companies can be funded in the following areas:

  • General advice on all economic, financial, personnel and organizational questions of corporate management.
  • Special advice from companies that
    - be led by women.
    - are led by migrants.
    - are run by entrepreneurs with recognized disabilities.
    - contribute to the better integration of employees with a migration background.
    - contribute to the organization of work for employees with disabilities.
    - contribute to attracting and securing skilled workers.
    - contribute to equality and a better work-life balance.
    - contribute to the age-appropriate design of work.
    - contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.


Companies in difficulty can receive funding for business security advice to restore economic efficiency and competitiveness. In addition, companies in difficulty can receive further follow-up advice on all economic, financial, personnel and organizational questions of corporate management in order to deepen the measures of a corporate security consultancy.

Existing companies may not take more than five days to complete each advisory focus. The consultation days do not have to be consecutive. Reporting and travel times may be outside of this timeframe.

This limit does not apply to startups or companies in difficulty. Here, the measure can be carried out and billed over the entire funding period (maximum 6 months).

All companies can submit several applications for funding for each advisory focus until the maximum eligible consulting costs (assessment basis) have been exhausted. The respective funding measure must be carried out as an individual consultation, seminars or workshops are not taken into account. The consultant must document the advisory service in a written advisory report.


Consultations that

  • be financed in whole or in part by other public grants, including structural funds and the ESF.
  • Include brokerage activities and / or the purpose of which is aimed at the acquisition of certain goods or services that are sold by the consultants themselves.
  • predominantly have legal and insurance issues as well as tax advisory activities, such as drafting contracts, preparing annual financial statements or accounting work.
  • predominantly have expert opinions on the content.
  • include the sale / distribution of goods or services, in particular individual health services (IGeL) as well as other sales-increasing measures including the corresponding marketing of doctors, dentists, psychotherapists, alternative practitioners and their employees.
  • deal with content that is ethically unjustifiable or that violates law and order.



„WIPANO – Wissens- und Technologietransfer durch Patente und Normen“: Innovations, i.e. new products and services, are the driving force behind the success of the German economy. They must be as known as possible and be able to be used as widely as possible in order to gain a foothold in the market. The aim of the innovation policy of the BMWi is therefore not only to promote the emergence of innovations, but also their rapid dissemination - through knowledge and technology transfer.

How is it funded?

On the one hand, the efficient protection and use of intellectual property supports the commercial exploitation of innovative ideas and inventions from public research and the use of the creative potential, especially of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). On the other hand, the transfer of the latest research results into norms and standards is promoted.

State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern


With the support of the European Structural Funds, the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania promotes the development of innovative, internationally competitive products, processes and services based on new scientific and technical knowledge. The aim is to stabilize and increase the competitiveness of commercial companies as well as employment and growth in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania over the long term.

What is funded?

  • Research and development projects (as individual and joint projects)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Registration of property rights
  • Innovation advisory services and innovation support services
  • Process innovations

MBMV Mikromezzaninbeteiligung


The "Mikromezzaninbeteiligung" program of the Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft (MBMV) supports start-ups, young companies (younger than 5 years) and existing companies as part of a silent partnership between € 10,000 and € 50,000.

Who is funded?

  • Micro and small enterprises (SMEs) with an average equity ratio as well as start-ups with an investment location in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. (including part-time entrepreneurs, no freelancers)
  • Special target groups are small and young companies that provide training as well as start-ups from unemployment and companies run by women or people with a migration background

What is funded?

  • Financing of investments in the context of specific projects. These are: Investments in property, plant and equipment, replacement and expansion investments, construction work and operating resources
  • Debt rescheduling, restructuring or consolidations are excluded

How is it funded?

  • typical silent participation; 100% of the payment is made. The company's economic and legal independence is preserved. Cumulation with other public funding programs is possible. (Deficiency guarantee, no silent participation from MBG)
  • 8.0% p.a. payable quarterly in arrears and variable profit sharing of 50% of the annual profit, but a maximum of 1.5% of the contribution (due at the end of the 7th month after the company's balance sheet date)
  • one-time 3.5% of the deposit, payable upon disbursement; in the event of failure, a one-time fee of 500 €

What should I do?

Arrange a non-binding and free consultation with us. We would be happy to advise you!

MBMV innoStart


The MBMV innoStart program of the medium-sized investment company MBMV is aimed at small and medium-sized companies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It serves the special promotion of innovative and technology-oriented projects in the smallest, small and medium-sized companies from the R&D phase to the market launch. In addition, investments and resources for the production and testing of prototypes, for product adaptation up to series maturity, as well as for market, sales and production development are co-financed.

Who is funded?

  • Smallest, small and medium-sized existing commercial enterprises (according to the SME definition) with an investment location in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

What is funded?

  • Financing (share financing) of investments and operating resources e.g. B.
    • during the R&D phase until market entry,
    • for the production and testing of prototypes,
    • for product adaptation up to series production,
    • for the market, sales and production development.

How is it funded?

  • Participation between € 50,000 and € 400,000
  • Typically silent or open participation; 100 percent of the payment is made. 85 percent of the funds made available come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF V) of the European Union
  • The maximum term is 10 years. The repayment is made at the nominal value

What should I do?

Arrange a non-binding and free consultation with us.



The "Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MBMV)" promotes with its innovation program innoPRO companies with reinforcing the base of equity capital by take over typical silent participation (provision of liable equity).

What is funded?

The innoPRO program co-finances investments and operating resources for:

  • Research and development work, including production and testing of prototypes,
  • Adaptation developments up to series production,
  • Launch,
  • Creation of the prerequisites for production,
  • Start of production.




The Programm go-innovativ of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) promotes the preparation and execution of product- and technical procedure innovations. The BMWi-innovation coupons cover 50% of your expenditures for external services of from  the BMWi authorized companies. Your company carys only the own share. The "Forschungsverbund M-V" is as an authorized service company in the program go-innovative your contact partner. The administrative processing lies completely in our hands.

What does the research network offer?

We work as an authorized consulting company for the funding program "BMWI Innovation Vouchers - GoInno". This program enables companies to become even more active in the introduction of new production processes as well as in product development and market launch. The FMV accompanies you from the preparation of product developments to prototypes. This includes, for example, analyzes of the marketability of planned products, timetables for implementation, financing plans for development and the search for funding.


Gaining new customers and opening up sales markets with innovative products

Innovations are responsible for around a third of economic growth. This is why go-Inno supports external consultations for the preparation and implementation of product and technical process innovations.

  • Do you have a product idea and want to know whether it is marketable?
  • Are you looking for a suitable technology provider for a new production process?
  • Do you have little time, but want to implement an innovation project quickly?
  • Do you want to evaluate your potentials and risks associated with the implementation of an innovation project?
  • Do you want to know what financing and funding options are available for the innovation you are planning?

As an authorized consulting company, we support commercial companies, including the skilled trades, in the preparation and implementation of product and technical process innovations.

As part of an optional potential analysis, we determine the marketability of your project, determine the capacity and financial requirements and draw up a financing plan including the public funding programs and estimate the chances of success for you.

By creating an implementation concept, we specifically prepare a research and development project with you and oversee the implementation process. This includes the analysis of the market, the development of a technical and commercial concept, the identification of necessary project partners, investors and funding programs, as well as support in important discussions. The implementation concept enables you to implement your innovation project and ultimately provides the basis for raising funds.

A maximum of 35 consulting days and up to 1,100 euros are funded. The co-payment for you is 50%.

The research association is an authorized consulting company in the BMWi's "go-innovativ" program and has been successfully supporting companies in the implementation of innovation projects since 2014. The application and billing at the project management agency will take care of you.


Go-inno profile

What is funded?

Performance level 1: potential analysis

  • Strengths and weaknesses profile of the company in connection with the innovation project,
  • Preliminary examination of the marketability of the innovation project,
  • anticipated capacity requirements when creating an implementation concept,
  • Draw up a financing plan, include public funding programs,
  • Assessment of the chances of success.

Performance level 2: implementation concept and / or project management

After a potential analysis, in-depth counseling can follow. If the consulting company is already familiar with the company to be advised and the planned innovation project, an implementation concept and / or project management can be drawn up without a potential analysis being carried out beforehand.

  • Technology assessment based on market assessments and market analyzes,
  • Finding a suitable external technology provider
  • Development of the implementation concept,
  • Initiation of cooperation between the company to be advised and, if necessary, an external technology provider,
  • Inclusion of public funding programs to finance the innovation project,
  • Accompanying the company in necessary discussions, especially with banks or venture capital companies.


Funding conditions

Potential analysis max. 10 days

Realization concept and / or project management max. 25 days

For a consultant day, expenses of up to 1,100 euros per day are 50 percent eligible. The statutory sales tax is not eligible. It is to be paid by the company on the total amount of the consulting service.


Who is funded?

Companies in the commercial sector, including the skilled trades, are supported

  • which are based in Germany
  • with fewer than 100 employees
  • and an annual turnover or an annual balance sheet total of a maximum of 20 million euros.

Funding is generally provided without thematic restriction to specific technologies, products, industries or branches of the economy.


Only consulting companies authorized by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy are entitled to carry out the BMWi innovation vouchers (go-Inno) program. If you are interested, conclude a consulting contract with the research association M-V. You redeem the BMWi innovation voucher and receive consulting and management services. The project management company will take care of the billing of the innovation project for you. You only pay your own share and sales tax on the total amount of the consulting service.


Your local consulting company
The research association has been supporting companies in M-V since January 2014 through the funding program "BMWI Innovation Vouchers - GoInno" and has already successfully advised more than 20 projects.

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